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I moved to this county a couple years ago and the people are nice people. Its in the south its kind of rural in most of the county. There isnt a flat spot anywhere its all hills and really dense woods and the river runs right through it. But what is weird is I keep reading alot of news articles about bodies being found in the county. There was a car that was found in the woods a few years ago that had been set on fire with a body in it. Then about 3 months later ANOTHER car with a body was found in the woods burnt up. Now today abunch of kids just found a body in the woods again. Theres also been alot of stories about other bodies being found in the area. But when I try to do research on it theres never information it doesnt really get covered by news and the police dont really talk about it. After this new body Im starting to think maybe theres a serial killer in this county or maybe even related to meth manufacturing or something.

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  • Turns out my home county had a baby mass grave in the depression that was unmarked. It was my friends eagle project to put up a memorial and sanctify the place by a priest.

    This is a normal everyday county with a fucked up unmarked mass grave. Now theres a big ass cross there.

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  • One of the places I used to live in had shit like that too except my town was ghetto and some of it was gangs causing it. I figured that it was so common here that the news didn't really consider it important anymore. XD

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  • We humans have an instinct to seek out patterns. Sometimes that's helpful, but sometimes we make connections when the data is just the usual random shit that the world is always tossing in our direction.

    If I read your OP correctly, there have been three murders over a period of several years in your county which are connected by how the body was disposed of. It's not impossible that there is a serial murderer at work, but most often those people hunt their prey in urban areas; it's much easier to hide in plain sight there than it is in rural communities where there are usually loads of long-standing networks, and strangers stick out. But it's not impossible that the local cops are completely incompetent or corrupt, or that there's some apparently nice, normal guy living in the county who has a grisly hobby.

    Still, I suspect the odds are that the cars with the bodies inside were burned because that's a good way of getting rid of many types of evidence. Anyone who's ever watched a CSI-type program believes that forensic scientists can get enough evidence to convict someone of murder from the most microscopic traces they've accidentally left behind. Incinerating a body obviously destroys any DNA traces left by the murderer. It also often makes determining the cause of death and even the date of death very difficult or impossible which presents obvious challenges to police and prosecutors.

    There is a database where you can check out how your county compares to others in your state in terms of the number of homicides per 100,000 population.

    If you click on the Explore the Data tab and then enter your state, you should get a list of all counties which you can order in ascending or descending order. The states I've looked at all have a number of counties where the field is blank due to missing or unreliable data, but you might be able to get some idea of how relatively homicidal your current neighbours are.

    It's possible that your state Department of Criminal Justice (or a department with a name similar to that) could also have data you can check out. Googling led me to have a quick look at the spreadsheet for New York state covering 2020, and the direct correlation between the population of a county and the number of violent crimes per 100,000 people is very obvious; people in counties with high populations simply tend to attack and kill each other much more often than happens in less densely populated counties.

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  • Sounds like a good time to move.

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