We are too nice in the west

People say the west is too bigoted but I actually think the opposite I think we are too nice and it will be our undoing. Hard things need to be done and those things may be mean but not doing something about it will also be mean. Either way people are gonna have their feelings hurt.

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  • I completely agree, dude. The West has been weakened to such an extent.

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  • There's only a few countries any better than the US when it comes to bigotry. People don't realize how widespread racism actually is. Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Australia all suffer from it.

    We should still try to do better. (Although I agree we are becoming too nice.)

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  • I definitely think there's some truth to that. I completely get being considerate of others, but western society has gone too far in the direction of expecting everyone to walk on eggshells to avoid pissing off anyone (and believe me, there will ALWAYS be someone who takes offense to something, no matter how inane) and teaching people that they can avoid harsh truths.

    I've noticed it's common anymore for people to get upset when they're told why they're in the situation they're in and how to get out of it, which usually involves taking accountability and making some hard and unpleasant steps towards fixing the issue on their part. People expect excuses to be made for them or some sort of way for them to just avoid anything unpleasant, but that's simply not how life works, and it isn't doing anyone any favors to keep the truth from them just to keep from upsetting them.

    The same thing goes in parenting; I have seen so many parents who cannot for the life of them tell their kids "no" because they're afraid the kids will hate them, or are perhaps afraid of their own kids (as I've also seen some monstrous violent behavior in undisciplined kids). This, of course, only hurts them in the long run and sets them up for a very hard adult life. They don't want to teach their kids responsibility or hold them accountable for anything, or make them do anything they don't want to do. I've grown up with kids who were raised like this and they're all struggling horribly as adults now. All of this was out of fear of upsetting the kids, but now some of these are close to 30 and unemployed with no plans to get a job, in poverty, and not understanding why everything they want doesn't just fall into their lap or why the rest of society doesn't care about what they want, like, or don't like, and has no problem telling them "no".

    You are very correct when you say hard things need to be done, and sometimes they're unpleasant. Sometimes you have to do some unpopular things that may upset some people, but will ultimately be for the best. Reminds me of that song, "You've got to be cruel to be kind, in the right measure".

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  • since when is being nice a bad thing?

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