Was sick and coworker made nasty comment implying i was faking it

You dont have to read the whole thing if you don't want to, i just needed to ask an opinion.

I was INCREDIBLY sick and my co-worker made a horribly nasty comment to me implying I was faking it. I said I wasn't and she just walked away.

I then went over to my other co-worker not caring about her hearing and told my other co-worker how she just treated me. They told me i was justified for feeling attacked and how it was disrespectful of her. Then my rude coworker passed me with a brutish look on her face and avoided me at every cost through out the day.

I feel slight guilt from talking about her but I didn't say anything more than how she was rude, unprofessional and accusatory. I then heard her talk to another co-worker about me.

Is it normal to feel guilt over this?

Basically I came in 10 minutes late to work BUT I told all my co-workers I would be late. I was out sick yesterday and tried my best to come in today despite me being in absolute torturous agony because we're short-staffed. My co-workers in my department knew I'd be late so there was zero need to call in.

This woman who confronted me like a nutcase works in the department next to me and rarely even acknowledges me. I had no problem with her just always found her a bit simple-minded as she lacks common sense and basic knowledge. Unfortunately I can't fully avoid her at work as our work sometimes blends together.

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  • Telling your boss what she did is an option, though I wouldn't recommend it since there's always going to be assholes in the workplace. Letting her bother you is kind of pointless. Just keep working hard and work your way up. If she's as simple minded as you say, she's going to wind up sabotaging herself eventually.

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  • I never get why people give so much a shit what rude bitches think about them. Just shrug it off and carry about your day

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