Was it bullying?

When i was younger, at the age of 13/14/15 i had a best friend with whom i spent most of my time with. We had kind of an argument at some point and we just broke off and went our separate ways.

It just curious to me now to think about it, bc even if i don't actually think she was a bully to me or something, she did had some behaviors that were a bit concerning.

We will always have to do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it, and since i was very compliant, she took a liking in me, and wanted us both to hang out alone, without our other friends. I remember her saying that our bond was more special.
However i also remember her being rude towards me and insulting me out of the blue in a 'joking manner'. She would say awful shit to me with a smile on her face so even if i felt hurt i couldn't complain bc she wasn't being serious.
I remember her also hitting me 'jokingly' on the head and calling me names. It was supposed to be a joke but honestly, it hurt too, i got teary eyed cause she didn't hold back when hitting me.

Idk it's just weird to think about it.

What do yall think about it?

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  • Not really “bullying” as such, a bit of a dominant character perhaps. She saw you as weak for some reason. Not being there makes that reason hard to pinpoint.

    Still, probably not the best influence to be subjected to.

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  • She sounds awful.

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  • Frenemies.

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  • She sounds like a controlling person

    My ex best friends were whacky and evil so I can relate. That's why now I'm very picky with who I let in

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  • Accidentally voted no but I meant to say yeah. Alot of people talk shit with a smile on their face. Its kind of passivd aggressive

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  • It sounds to me like she had a crush on you, watched some show or something that portrays relationships as you've described, decided that that's how relationships are supposed to work, and then did as she thought.

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  • I've had a couple of friends similar to that in the past, and they were extremely self absorbed, insecure, and possessive to say the least. They were jealous of my other friends (and didn't like me being friends with anyone other than them), didn't like any of my accomplishments and always found a way to put me down (and yes, pulled the "I'm just joking" card when I'd get upset about it; I actually unfortunately dated a guy like this), etc. None of them ever hit me, unfortunately, but they did enjoy trying to minimize my achievements and things I was proud of, and say rude things about myself and the things I liked/my belongings/etc.

    I would definitely say that hitting, making jokes at your expense regardless of knowing they bother you, and putting you down are all forms of bullying.

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