Wars of who's right and who's wrong

Is it really a normal or ordinary thing to do to be put in a position to fight over belief wars and identity wars when nobody agreed to your character? It's all the same, the difficulty to fit in is so high that they'll even tell you to shut up or say "I didn't say that" even if you mention your weirdness, you can't win, you can't fit in and appear like one of them if you talk about weirdness. It's identity wars and it's that bad, it's that difficult, that painful that people will react this way, if you talk about your behaviour when you were in the past at that time weird you'll never win the respect of what's normal. It's subtle, people are so ready to get you that any suggestion of differentness ruins your reputation. It's a war to force you to fit in and I'm not fighting that war, I'm trying to destroy any opportunity to change, adjust and make you more comfortable, I want you to be less comfortable, I want to be iffy and be let to slide.
I'm an iffy, uncomfortable, change-destroying person, I sacrifice your liking to be that classic identity of mine and you will like it. What you like me as I am, which you pick and choose selectively, isn't your liking, a character you asked me to have, you should simply like me, I shouldn't be to your liking.
Further down that road, it frustrates you, it even frustrates me because I hate the need to adjust, you wanna be comfortable in me and what about me? I'm only comfortable in being as old an identity as I can, the above adjustment of not talking about weirdness is exactly the last adjustment I will ever make, I wanna put spikes in you by being rigid, next time you make staying the same my problem so I change I will say no, this time I won't change and I don't care that I get hurt, I'm now a rigidity artist, I stopped being flexible, so rigid it's like a splinter that never goes away, I have the right to be uncomfortable, I will sacrifice niceness to maintain my identity and all my beliefs. Is that normal?

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  • it's normal to want to be yourself and to be accepted for who you are. what's not normal is the extent you've taken it to. from what it sounds like you're trying to weaponize your differentness to punish others for not embracing your differentness. it sounds like you're taking it way farther than it needs to go. to be totally honest people probably aren't all that invested in nor put off by your differentness

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    • Thank you but I don't want differentness and you'll hear of the real me for the first time, I want to keep it regular, sticking to routines. To the extent I go from your comment sounds like too much to me.

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