Wanting to go by a different name

I'm NOT transgender, famous, or looking to become famous (like using a stage name), I just would love to go by another name, completely different from my birth one. There's literally no other reason other than 'I wanna go by something else'. My current name isn't even that bad, albiet most people pronounce it wrong, but that never bothered me. I'd just like to know if these feelings are normal and if anyone else ever wants to spontaneously go by a new name, and if it was only a phase or if you actually went through with changing your name.

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  • My name is of french origin and when I was younger no one could pronounce it. When I changed schools I came up with a nick name that I liked, told everyone to call me by it and now that's what most people know me by. Although now I get a lot of compliments on my real name and kind of regret trying to change it because I have to explain it every time I meet people/ fill out job applications

    I know another guy that did the same thing but when he was older and the name he gave himself is completely different from his real name. It's pretty confusing tbh

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  • yes sometimes i sign using my american indian name Stumblingbear. i see no reason why legally i can't use it. its not illegal and my childrens teachers never ask.

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  • So just change it ....

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  • Only if it's an awful name tbh.

    I love my name. I'd probably want to change it if it was something stupid like Alfie or Stanley or Harvey, but my name is pretty nice :D I love my surname too, it's really exotic and unusual.

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  • I do it all the time.

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