Want acrylic toenails

I am thinking of getting acrylic nails put on my toes, maybe like half an inch long. I would have to wear sandals all the time. I would have them polished bright red and maybe some jewels put on.

I know it expensive an all but I could sell some of my food stamps and wic vouchers to pay for it. Since the tax payers would be helping pay for it, why not? My three kids don't need that much formula anyways.

My dream after I do this is to change my name to Toenisha and people would call me "Toenisha the queen of the Ghet-toes".
My facebook friends gonna be jeal-ous! I be Toenisha with the happenin ghet-toes. Usually I sell my food stamps to buy lottery tickets and cigarettes but I need a pedicure.

Is this norml?

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  • oo gurl, get them toes toenisha and if anyone talk smack, scratch them with ya’ foot.

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  • No. Buy some pretty socks and wear them.

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  • Get them only if you have good looking feet.. no one wants to see acrylics on some busted ass hooves.. that’s like putting glitter on a turd lol

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