Want a huge tongue asian woman for...reasons

Disclaimer: Sexually explicit description of a particular fetish that I possess.


That's Japanese porn star "Yui Uehera". And she's best known for her gigantic lizard-like tongue. Now, for as long as I can remember, I've had a 'Tongue Fetish'. This began way back as a child. And while I didn't quite know why at the time, I always found women sticking out their tongues to be immensely... astounding. I find it be such a unique and arousing part of the body. I REALLY do. In fact, a vast majority of my art work features huge tongued women!

And I think I now understand this kink. Maybe not fully, but for the most part.

When I first saw the aforementioned picture of Yui Uehera, I immediately set up a personality for her alongside a fantasy with her as my girlfriend. She was a snarky, cynical, eccentric, egotistical, fowl-mouthed, slang-speaking narcissist that took immense delight in the fact that her 6-7 inch tongue was bigger than my "Black" d*ck which was a whopping, humongous 5.2-5.5 inches. I know right? GIGANTIC. She would constantly mock me for it, laugh at me for it and even do a side by side comparison shot of her tongue and my d*ck with the title "Breaking News: Asian Pornstar's Tongue Laughably Bigger Then Supposedly Black Man's D*ck!". Ironically enough however, Yui would become immensely angry when other women would compare their huge tongues to my Mighty Oak, exclaiming that she and ONLY she can mock it because we're, in her own words, "tight-ass n***az like that".

Weird huh?

Well, what's even weirder is that this kink is something that I've developed fairly recently. I don't quite fully understand what it is about wanting a girlfriend whose tongue totally outranks my modest member, but I do know that it is something that heavily excites me. I mean, this is something that I have made countless memes, captions, stories, and cartoons on. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Black men are "supposed" to be well-endowed downstairs and the fact that I'm not means that getting a girlfriend whose tongue is bigger than a part of my body-that's supposed to be at least 7 inches long-would be breaking the norm. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'd be able to rest my tiny cock against her tongue like a nice, warm water bed during oral sex. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm into small penis humiliation and just never realized it. Or, more than likely, it's a combination of all three of those factors.

Regardless of the reasons, this is something that I've always wanted to share but was rather shy on doing so. Hell, for most of my life I was secretly ashamed of this and further contributed it to me being a weirdo. But I like what I like. And what I like isn't harming anybody so why not like it? And who knows? Maybe I'll come across a woman whom feels precisely the same way!

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