Voting machines in maricopa county az are down

Here we go again...

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  • Arizona uses paper ballets that are counted by scanners, or by hand.

    No votes have been lost of destroyed.

    If they don't get the scanners working correctly, and cannot bring in other scanners, then they will hand count the ballots.

    Wisconsin (my state) also uses paper ballots that are then scanned.

    Many years ago the city I lived in had a scanner break down. The local news station was there doing a different story - and changed to cover the broken down scanner. The TV news that night showed how all ballots were transferred, with observers from both parties, from the scanner box to a large manual ballot box with a slot for inserting ballots. That everyone after that inserted their marked ballots in the manual box (up to the news cast).

    The next day the news had the rest of the story. About 3 hours after the polls closed another scanner was brought over from another ward that had finished their count and all the verifications needed.

    The new scanner was set up and tipple tested with a prepared set of "calibration ballots"; all watched by observers from both parties.

    Then after the new scanner was verified scanning and counting acurately, it was reset to "0" for all races (and verified by the observers) and the poll workers fed each ballot from the manual ballot box into the scanner (counting did not finish until like 5 AM).

    It was a long night for the news crew (they never expected to be up all night); but both segments of the news story played several times over the rest of the week - and even competing stations ran the segments (a day after the originating station) to show what happens when a scanner malfunctions; and all the checks, verification's, with observers that occur during the process.

    So the fact that the scanners are not working is really a non-story. The Arizona ballots will be counted - even if it has to be done by hand and it takes a few days.

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  • Oh look Philadelphia locations ran out of printer paper for 4 hours! Always seems to be the battleground areas where this shit happens.

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  • Look this up the US census admitted that in the US census they "accidentally" over counted a bunch of states that gave democrat run areas 3 extra congressional seats and undercounted areas that gave repubs 3 less seats!

    A side effect of this is that since these democrat run areas are overcounted not only do they get more seats but you make it impossible to have more votes than people. This was in 2020 and is the count they use until 2030! So we are fucked out of 6 seats regardless. They dont even try to hide what they do anymore.

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