Violence in movies and sex on tv?

It seems today that all we see is violence in movies and sex on tv? Why is there so much s*x in modern television though? It seems so unnecessary and blunt. Too many womens showing ankles on television, which, by the way, is haram

Is It Normal?
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  • ... but where are those good old fashioned values on which we used to rely?

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  • This is 100% a troll trying to make fun of muslims. Nice one but gtfo.

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  • I think there should be more anal. There’s not enough. More rape with pissing might be good too.

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  • It is disgusting, brother! My 6th wife tried to tell me to crack the window when I left her in the car today. What if another man was to walk near the open window?!

    By Allah did she get the beating she deserved!!!

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    • shame brother! If another man saw my wife, it would be like wasting the five camels I gave up to get her!

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  • It's what people want to see.

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