Vestibular papillomatosis pls help women only

I noticed them a month ago. I suffer severe anxiety because of this. I am 18 years old and I haven’t engage in any sexual relations at all. I noticed them because I felt a slight pain/discomfort down there and I tried checking it out. I freaked out when I saw these finger like projections in my vulva. Both sides. I researched about them immediately and I found out that it is Vestibular Papillomatosis. Most of the articles that I read said that it is a normal variant of the vulva and is not needed any treatment but I really hate the way the look. They used to hurt before but not anymore. I want to ask for advice and if there is any way that they can go away on their own?

I will put a link of a picture in the comments if you want to check it out.

I really need your help. I cannot afford to go to a clinic and get it check.

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  • Dude. My whole life I could feel my cervix and thought I had a dick in my vagina. When I lost my virginity, I felt a little more normal but still thought I had a dick. lol.

    All coochies have their little oddities. Don’t stress it. I’m sure that there’s a few ways you can get rid of them or maybe just make them smaller.

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  • Its normal; and most people have some body part that they wish were different.

    The key to both beauty and self esteem is to focus on the good parts of you and the good things you do; and shield a bit the things you don't like. Fortunately, these are not publicly viewable - so no coverup is needed.

    They are not going to interfere with sex; and the vast majority of guys will not even notice.

    Everyone has molehills in their life... Just let them be a molehill. Turning them into a bigger hill or mountain only makes your life difficult.

    I wish you the best with this,

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  • Vaginas comes in all shapes. I used to be very concerned about how mine looked because one labia is longer but I really do not care now. I have come to know that other women experience same.

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