Very rude person at meeting

I am part of a new exclusive programme at my employment agency, its for unemployed people who has shown great desire in getting employed and we are only 3 chosen people. One meeting so far and me and one guy showed up. I am very shy because I have social phobia as well as autism spectrum disorder so I didnt say anything unless spoken to. The guy was extroverted. He was foreign and would go on about how everyone is racist. He claimed hes had managers tell him they wont hire a foreign person because they are racists and that all his foreign friends are employed but that they are "typical selfish foreign people" hence they wont help him. He with other words expressed some racism himself and im pretty sure his friends have better reasons for why they dont want to work with him lol...

He then went on a rant about how hes such a nice guy with lots of empathy, even TOO much empathy!, before abrubtly interrupting demanding that one of the men holding the meeting (there was 2 men holding the meeting, one talking and one introverted man who took notes) show him to the bathroom. So the man holding the meeting walked him outside while I had a nice conversation with the fellow introverted person in the room who had taken note of my discomfort.

When the others came back the guy continued ranting and this time about how he'd seen handicapped people working which he expressed great dislike of (so much for that empathy...) and said that "how come people LIKE THAT are ALLOWED to work but not me!" Thats when the man holding the meeting had enough and chimed in telling him to stop.

The guy didnt listen and instead attempted a political rant but was quickly shut down. He then instead started demanding that the two men go to their boss at the employment agency and demand the boss to approve an education for this guy so he doesnt need to pay for it himself. The man holding the meeting then laughed and I had a hard time holding back a chuckle myself...

I was upset by all this though since this guy was very rude, ableist and at one point said that he's extroverted which is the only quality that matters and if you arent extroverted you may as well give up. I felt attacked like the guy was insulting me. One good thing that came out of this though was that two days later I got a call offering me a private meeting to make up for me not getting to express myself.

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  • Sorry you had to put up with that guy. He sounds like one of those exhausting people with an eternal victim complex. Everyone sees through it, but frustratingly too many people think the best way to address it is by giving in to whatever they want. I'm glad to know the people you were with wouldn't accept that kind of behavior and that the guy made himself look like such an ass people were openly laughing at him

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  • Unfortunately, there are people like that in the world - although his is a more extreme case. Don't take it personal. He just has not learned yet that he is not special and that he has to get along with and work with most other people.

    Learn to tune them out and move on.

    Here's a very simple question to ask in many situations. Is this person going to be paying my bills in the future, or has direct impact on my ability to pay my bills in the future. If not, just move on and pay attention to more pleasant and encouraging people.

    You might ask the instructors to separate him from everyone else as he is very disruptive.

    I wish you the best with your search for employment.

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