Very annoying nutrition problem

All of a sudden, the only foods that actually taste good to me are raw fruits and vegetables. That's it.

I know raw fruit and veggies are really healthy, but I don't think it's normal that it's the only food that I have been enjoying lately. Especially because I used to really enjoy cooked food. I used to really enjoy things like bread, potatos, beans...

I know there are raw vegans that are healthy, but I don't think that a raw vegan diet would be good for my body. So I am pretty concerned.


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  • Raw diet is great for you but you need to supplement as well especially with omega 3 is essential. Look into primal cooking. There's a ton of really creative ways of cooking with this diet

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  • If you can't stand meat, then take protein pills or shakes. It's not healthy to go long periods of time without meat/protein.

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  • It's probably not normal to only eat veggies. Try to at least eat something with protein and fat. So you could eat beans and avacado(can't spell) if you can't go back to a normal diet.

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  • Over times your preferences can change. Also, medications and other factors effect your cravings too. Who knows, in 6 months you may only want chicken and salad or just fruit

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  • Have you been influenced by anything lately? Err, movies, tv, magazines? If so, I guess that's pretty normal. If not, then you're probably juts doing it on impulse, and that's ok as long as you keep it in balance

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  • You're not a fucking child, you obviously know what's healthy and what's not. Just eat the right things god dammit.

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