Very annoying nutrition problem

All of a sudden, the only foods that actually taste good to me are raw fruits and vegetables. That's it.

I know raw fruit and veggies are really healthy, but I don't think it's normal that it's the only food that I have been enjoying lately. Especially because I used to really enjoy cooked food. I used to really enjoy things like bread, potatos, beans...

I know there are raw vegans that are healthy, but I don't think that a raw vegan diet would be good for my body. So I am pretty concerned.


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  • Over times your preferences can change. Also, medications and other factors effect your cravings too. Who knows, in 6 months you may only want chicken and salad or just fruit

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  • Have you been influenced by anything lately? Err, movies, tv, magazines? If so, I guess that's pretty normal. If not, then you're probably juts doing it on impulse, and that's ok as long as you keep it in balance

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  • You're not a fucking child, you obviously know what's healthy and what's not. Just eat the right things god dammit.

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