Vaping delta 8 'birthday cake' love it, but?

Is it normal for a vape delta 8 cartridge to leave a bit of bitterness in your throat after you blow out the vaper? will it hurt my lungs?

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  • Edibles are my go to.

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  • Oh, I love Birthday cake! I also really love White Widow, Strawberry Cough, and Bubba Kush... and oh yeah, Pineapple Express. I too enjoy vaping Delta 8 THC!

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    • Wish I could. Wish the DOT did blood tests for thc rather than urine tests. To urine tests they dont know if you smoked it the day you drove or at your house when you were relaxing.

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  • The bitterness can be attributed to the thc in the syrup. Take enough puffs and you wont care if it tastes like dog shit.

    Wish I could still be on the 420 bandwagon but adulting has caused me to forgo that fun activity.

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