My penis is uncircumsized. when i get an erection you can only see a small part of the head on my penis. But i cant pull it back any further. I try to but it hurts. when i don't have an erection I can pull it back but there is a part were i cant because it looks like the skin is stuck to the head. is this normal?

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  • if it is the back of the penis that is a frenulum which is normal. But if it is on the side or front that is a skin bridge. You should get unerect and pull it till it breaks.

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  • Cut that shit!

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  • Many girls do not like dick uncut. Sorry. Maybe if you actually found how little men clean themselves there when uncut you might think twice about your preference.

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  • dude, check out this link: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Can_you_pull_your_foreskin_back_if_you_are_uncircumcised

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  • Idk if what the problem u have is normal because I am a girl. But it's not gross like the above poster said. Many girls like it that way. Personal preference

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  • Ew. Get that shit cut.

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