Transgender and pcos

FTM (female to male) transgender people have a high rate of also having PCOS, which I find interesting. Some studies show that PCOS is more common among trans men than cis women, between 5% and 10% of cis women have PCOS, while some studies have found that anywhere from 25% to almost 60% of trans men have it, though the 60% study only included 69 participants. Doctors who work with transgender patients have also claimed it seems to be common and there is a high rate of trans men who also have PCOS. Could there be a possible link between PCOS on a developing brain and being FTM trans?

PCOS effects the body by supplying more testosterone which can give effects such as a deeper voice, more facial/body hair, a more masculine body shape, etc. Not everyone with PCOS has these symptoms or will face this however as there are levels of severity, but these can be symptoms that some people will face. A child developing this during adolescence could also possibly effect their mental development about themselves if they are bullied or ostracized for their more masculine features by their own peers and leave them more confused about themselves when going through puberty.

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