Trail walking etiquette

Person A is walking 3mph, Person B up ahead is walking 2mph.

As Person A approaches, Person B speeds up to 3mph instead of letting Person A pass by.

So they're now awkwardly walking lockstep with each other. Person A, annoyed, stops completely and waits a few minutes for Person B to walk ahead. But the trail doesn't split off anywhere.

Person B slows down to 2mph again and Person A eventually catches up. Again Person B speeds up. This time Person A calls Person B a fucking piece of shit and breaks into a run to get ahead of him. Person B doesn't say anything in response.

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  • Person B is a douche, isn't very clever, and has mental problems. He should've just sped up and then walked around Person A.

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  • Trail etiquette is to go at whatever pace you go at, and let others go however fast they go.

    Neither person in this hypothetical seems like someone I'd hang around with, if they both constantly behave like they do in the scenario.

    If I was person A, I would be annoyed, but not to the point of cursing at them.

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  • You have one bucket that hold 2 gallons, another that holds 3 gallons.

    How many buckets do you have?

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  • I'm thinking person B is one of those people that thinks that passing by someone is rude, so their response was to be rude back. I've passed by slow people before and got called names for it. I don't understand why. We've all got places to go and waiting around because someone is slow is ridiculous. XD

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