Too insecure to go to the gym

basically what the title says too insecure any advice?

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  • Here's your game plan.

    1. Find the gym with the hottest sexiest people. Call it gym_A.
    2. Find the gym with the fattest slobs there are. Call it gym_B.
    3. Sign up for gym_B.
    4. When you are fit and buff, then join gym_A.

    Easy Peasy.

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  • Dude, just go. Nobody is gonna judge you. Most people at the gym are doing their thing and probably won't even notice you.

    If you are out of shape and are noticed, you won't be judged. Hell, most people will think "Cool, he is making a change".
    Sure, there will be that one asshole gym-bro that will act all superior, but there are bad apples everywhere, you just gotta ignore 'em.

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    • Totally agree with this. Anyone who is judging you for not being "buff enough" at the gym is a fucktard. The whole point of the gym is to improve oneself.

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  • Join a 24 hour gym and train late at night

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  • There’s an unwritten rule in most gyms not to judge others for wanting to get in shape. Fat people in the gym are aware of how fat they are, so it serves no purpose to remind them.

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  • I totally get it, but you just have to do it. When you do you will realise there are loads of overweight, unfit people all just trying to lose a bit of weight and get fitter. There will be some fanatics who are ultra fit and body perfect but there will probably be a lot more who aren’t

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  • I don't know how normal, or abnormal it is to be too insecure to go to the gym, but it's very common for people to sign up for a gym membership, pay their monthly dues, and never actually show up to workout at the gym. Sad, but true.

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  • Too insecure to go to the gym, insecure because you don’t go to the gym, I know a couple people who are stuck in that cycle.

    “I’ll (lose some weight/put on muscle) on my own first, then I’ll join a gym!” Is also one I hear too often.

    This is one of those things where you just have to convince yourself to take the leap and get to it!

    I promise you, no matter what shape you are in, other people in the gym are glad and proud for you to be in there. Anyone who has anything negative to say can eat pavement via a good old fashioned curb stomping!

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  • R u fat??

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  • Ya.
    Workout at home for good 3 months and get in some semblance of shape before you begin working out in a gym.

    Body weight squats, and lunges
    Body weight calf raises

    Sit-ups with arms across your chest
    Lying leg raises, right after your sit-ups

    Push-ups, anyway you like

    Pull-ups or inverted rows, if you have a way to do them

    Keep it simple. Keep it up for 3 months
    When you get good at basic exercises you will feel comfortable in a gym.

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  • going to the gym is scary for many. Working out in a gym is also a workout for your self confidence, as you need to learn not to care to go time after time

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  • Same here because of social anxiety, and that i'd probably have no idea how to use the machines lmao.
    Just exercise at home. You can buy home equipment and there's exercises you don't need equipment for.

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  • Most people at the gym are too focused on themselves. The only people who get noticed are the sexy women in yoga pants. Anyone else might as well be invisible.

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  • As all these others are saying, just go for it. I both work part time at a local gym and work out at the gym at my college, and you're absolutely not alone in feeling insecure about going to the gym. It's totally normal. The main thing is to find a gym & just get in there regularly, and your comfort level will build up pretty quickly.

    One thing I would definitely suggest is gym shopping. Many gyms, if you're local, will let you do a trial to try things out, and that's a perfect opportunity to get an eye on the people you'll be around. Try visiting at different times of day, as there will likely be a good bit of variety in gym-goer types at different times per day, and who you're working out around can have a large, positive impact on your comfort level. Don't be intimidated by people who've clearly been going to the gym longer; they've simply been going to the gym longer.

    Lastly, whatever you do, steer away from Planet Fitness. Their business model is centered entirely around keeping people out of shape and in a psychological bubble, rather than on actually providing a beneficial environment for self-improvement. Horrible place.

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  • Yep it's all in your head. Nobody cares.

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  • Or look for a gym that focuses on strength like a bodybuilding or powerlifting gym. It may sound daunting but people in those types of gyms are more likely to be helpful and supportive rather than people in a more commercial gym who are more likely to be "posers".

    Powerlifting is a great sport to get into, especially if you are overweight. It teaches you to appreciate performance over appearance and anyone can start it immediately no matter how weak or unfit you are. Just start with easy weights and work up slowly.

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  • Stay home and order a pizza.

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