To crave intimacy with woman while pregnant

I was only with women before my husband; due to my culture i was deeply in the closet, but i met my husband and he had something that i can't explain that made me want him and to want to be with him. That said.. currently expecting and i really, really want to be with a woman sexually. My husband was shocked, but open to it, but i feel like a weirdo.. Is it just hormones or is this me wanting a polyamorous type thing? Extremely confused n embarrassed

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  • That’s so hot! I love pregnant women

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  • It's probably the hormones.

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  • It's the touch, the soft female touch, the touch only another female can give. Why because you are in a situation only another female can truly understand and provide the insite and comfort that you desire.

    Doesn't mean anything really, could be a hormonal thing and may go back to normal after the pregnancy however it is where I fully accepted I enjoyed both at times and accepted being bi.

    Good thing hubby is open about it, that's a positive. Allows you to explore and not end a marriage.

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  • Get it girl!

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  • That poor child.

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