To be spiritual, but not religious

I was raised in a Catholic family and school. Both my brother and I didn't 100% believe in religion. However the difference is that while my brother is agnostic; I'm not religious.

It all started when I went with my elementary school to church. I noticed how much I didn't fit in. Additionally I felt extremely uncomfortable when people started to pray. Like they all sounded like hypnotized zombies. Also, I had questions like "is this god real?" and "is the bible a huge hoax to get people to believe?"

I didn't know my path until I stumbled upon the umbrella term known as witchcraft. I noticed how spirituality connected I was when holding gemstones. Moreover, I feel presences of both the dead and the living. Most people pick up signs from the afterlife like random feathers, weird symbolic objects,etc. On the other hand when I sense someone who is still alive, it's more of a sense of they're thinking about me.

I think I might be a kitchen witch cause whenever I make something, I

A. Feel a spiritual high
B. The stuff I make often tastes out of this world.

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  • I am really into using crystals too! I love my amethyst, and black tourmaline. It is not evil/satanic at all. You should take a look at sacred geometry also with your crystals. These methods were common in Ancient Egypt and Atlantis. In fact, you should check this out if you're really interested, take a look at this:

    It gives a lot of information about crystals, and the metaphysical channel is awesome and has lots of good information.

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  • I Am Muslim And My Dad Made Me Spiritual And Religious.

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  • i've recently been feeling this way as i feel more connected to spirituality than my religion, yet i still believe in a heavenly father? very confused atm

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  • theres a group of people called hippies you'll fit right in.

    Ok but in all seriousness, many people can feel spiritual and it doesn't have to relate to a religion. you do you man.

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  • A lot of people feel spiritual and there's nothing wrong with that (so long as they don't try to force others to believe in it or judge them for not believing). But no matter what you believe, there are always charlatans who will try to take advantage of your belief. They'll try to guilt you into giving them money (like the church) or they'll try to sell you expensive fake crap like crystal balls and stuff. So try not to fall victim to any of their tricks and you'll be fine.

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