To be so hurt

my niece os getting married and i got a invite to wedding only 6 weekss from date .the hotel is fully booked out and no one else in my household was invited i really feel i wasnt really wanted at wedding why i dont know but im thinking of not going am i right il still give a gift

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  • My sister got married without even telling me because I didn't like the groom because he cheated on her a lot early on in their relationship. I got to learn about the wedding through social media posts.

    If no one else in your household was invited and you're unable to attend, just send a gift. But she *did* invite you. You shouldn't feel hurt about it.

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  • Why do you feel hurt. Your niece did invite you. She wants you there.

    The hotel is full for other reasons than the wedding (and many other guests will have the same issue). I am sure that there are other hotels in the area (I've done that several times). For my oldest brothers wedding I and others slept in tents in her parents yard.

    Figure out a way to go... She will be expecting you. You will not regret it; and you will likely regret it if you do not go.

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  • How can nobody tell that this is a troll?

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