To be so hurt

my wife of 53 and her sister had a heated row and i went to see her sister to calm it down . u think shes such a goody goody she said . if u only knew half of it . then out burst of things my wife did like been with guys over the years and money going missing from my business list went on .then worse u should get a DNA test for ur youngest son . .

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  • You need to write something that makes sense instead of a bunch of random sentences that don’t fit together

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  • ... and she could be lying. Get that blood test if you must, but try to chill until you get the results back.

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  • For your situation... Yes, its normal to be hurt.

    Lies are never fun to deal with... and someone is clearly lying.

    I wish you the best in sorting this out... and determining how to move forward.

    Be tough; others have worked out a positive path forward... and I believe that you can too.

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  • made sense to me clearly

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