To be so hurt

my wife had a affair we split for a bit but came back together . things seem to be working out . then one night we wentout to a party we both got bit drunk snd had good time when we got home we started get close and bit wild . we were on living room floor and doing it but then in middle of it she called out his name. it was like she was thinking i was him or wantinv it me to be . iv never felt so hurt .

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  • That's horrific, I'd be heart broken. Normal to be so hurt. I'm sorry you're going through this.

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  • That's why if you're in a committed relationship, you never date or have an affair with a person with a different name.

    Or you give them all the same nickname.

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  • Oh dear, God! I'm sorry that happened to you! Honestly, I would rather be the jogger, or person walking their dog who finds a dead body than have to experience that!

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