To be so hurt

i married my wife 10 years ago .i had a house and so did she . she had affair 3years ago and got pregnant . only last year did i find out child wasnt mine . any way our day in court has come and the justice of the courts has ruled that i leave the home .pay maintence . in mean time her new chap moves in .free of charge .i pay weekly for him to enjoy the trappings of my home and my whore wife and they also enjoy a income from her rental home . justice .

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  • Did you divorce her? Did she have a job or means to support herself? You mention a rental income. If she has means to support herself, you should not have to pay spousal support.

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  • She belongs to the streets!

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  • The legal system is rarely fair in divorce cases; and a lot depends on your state laws. Some states its almost impossible for a guy to win.

    It's too late now; but, if you are facing divorce it may be a lot better to file it in a foreign country and process it there. States in the USA will recognize those divorces as long as basic fairness rules were applied (proper notification to the other spouse, etc.).

    For people getting married: Your marriage situation called for a Prenup agreement (which you must live to in order for it to be valid). In my case; our prenup agreement states that my house is mine. If I die, it passes to my wife; but in the case of a divorce - it stays with me.

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