To be so hurt

35 years ago i met a girl and we fell in love we very young and maybe to young .after a year we had a child together and were very happy but pressures of life took its toll and been in our early 20s we got bored .her words .she start going out more with old friends sometimes not coming home. .i suspected she was carrying on n confronted her but always said no . few months later she became pregnant again n i asked again was child mind . said yes . and we put the past behind us .at the birth of our 2nd son we had a visit of people i didnt know . i realised it was parents of fella i was told she was with .but again i was told no way no way how could i say such a thing .the child came home and we were very happy then she start acting strange . .i found a letter hidden from a prison . ablove letter saying he be home soon and they could be together i never felt so betrayed .n hurt . . we split up but 6 years later we got back together now 30 years later as much as i love her i cant get it all out of my head n feel such a fool

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  • Humans make all kinds of mistakes, and some are rather foolish.

    You can get past them as we understand that (and can admit some of our own stupid mistakes of the past) and as long as the other person admits that there were foolish in the past and can demonstrate that they have learned lessons from that.

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  • I'm sorry to hear that. It hurts knowing that the person we love is someone we can't fully trust. May you find your way.

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  • stupid bitch i'd have become a criminal since the 1st one though i know thats not right

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  • She's a demon woman! 😡

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