To accept fate

Should I accept my fate?

To be against what others have to offer, due to early shaped values?

To be against the new world that is about to be born?

Against freedom and compassion?

Sympath and acceptance?

Against respect for and of others?

Should I have values, if everything is wrong and right at the same time?

Should I respect people who harass and celebrates at the same time?

Should I respect proudful people if they carry snakes in their pockets?

Should I accept open mindness if values change all the time?

Should I change if, whatever I do, is never enough?

Why carry tags in my ears when, in reality and the grand matter, they mean nothing?

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  • yes
    be wary
    up to you why let someone else decide?
    until they commit an action not to
    until they commit an action not to
    fuck their values git your own
    why bother
    so the game wardens can check on you

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  • Cam you post somethinh relevant

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  • lol is this Hansberger?

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  • Quite a weak attempt at a poem

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  • Do you really have a choice to accept fate or not. it's going to happen whether you wants it to or not.

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  • You choose to have fate and you decide it, no one else does.

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  • Well this post certainly is...a post. Well done Op.

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  • To assume all this means nothing is an opinion.

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  • Fate doesn't exist.
    Unless your newly shaped values counter your early shaped values, yes.
    There is no new world about to be born.
    Freedom and compassion are good things that you should not be against.
    Sympathy is fine, but accepting things that are bad is bad, so watch what you accept.
    Respect need not be given to others.
    Morality is not subjective.
    You need not respect anyone.
    What do you have against snakes?
    You should not, as your values should stay strong.
    What you can do is always enough.
    So that people can violate your privacy.

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    • > There is no new world about to be born.

      Them why are we surrounded by weak men?

      > What do you have against snakes?

      Poisonous. Some people like to eat them.

      > What you can do is always enough.

      Not to the mentors.

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      • We are surrounded by weak men due to the corruption of humanity due to sin. There is no way to know of the end of time unless you are the Father. If you are simply referring to some strange new world order, that won't happen soon, either.
        I believe that the word you are attempting to convey the meaning of is "venomous," not "poisonous." If snakes were poisonous, people wouldn't eat them. There are also far fewer venomous snakes than there are non-venomous snakes. I don't get why you don't like snakes just because some people eat them. Some people eat dogs, but does that make you dislike dogs?
        The mentors are wrong.

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        • You are confusing cause with effect. Your first sentence should read, "We are surrounded by sinful men due to the corruption of humanity due to weakness."

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          • The First Sin is what caused the corruption of humanity, so sin caused the corruption of humanity.

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            • Your statement tells us all that you offer us ABSOLUTELY nothing, other than denial and confusion. The good news is that good religion has always crowded out bad religion. Thankfully, Catholics improved their religion with Vatican II crowding out the inferior traditionalist interpretations to which you cling. There is nobody here that will pay attention to your shit. Those with religious inclination will follow and participate in post Vatican liturgy in parishes with active vibrant congregations. Why?, because it is an incredible improvement.

              Go picket a sperm bank. Go play with your anus. Nobody cares. Your cause will soon be dead. Good riddance.

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