Tips on insecurity and jealousy w my bf

I get jealous when my bf goes out w his friend. He rarely texts or snaps girls.. he's true to me and loves me but I have trust issues...

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  • Stop being in secure , if ur ugly he wouldnt be with you anyways so ur not

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  • what difference does it make? so long as you get all the attention and or cock that you need do you want to change that? i let my wife play in a stable of two bisexual women and one devote lesbian so long as i got the attention and sex i needed why should i be jealous.

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  • He's with you for a reason , if he's true to you then you have nothing to worry about

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  • Have you been cheated on before or something?

    The fact of it is that you can't ever know if he's telling the truth, so just try not to worry about it.

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  • I hope you are not breaking his balls with your own personal issues. If you feel insecure it's maybe because you don't find yourself enough attractive; start working out, watch what you eat and be the best of yourself. You only get to live once, make it the best of what you can be.

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