Tips for when you can't sleep from excitement?

I'm going to be receiving a gaming PC in the mail sometime this week. I've looked into stuff that I plan to do with the computer and I can't stop thinking about the games I'll finally be able to play and stuff I can do in VR. I know it's childish, but I'm glad to feel that kind of excitement after so long.

But yeah, I keep fantasizing about a damn PC and cannot sleep. Any tips for trying to sleep when you're excited?

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  • Congrats thsts amazing. Just put on relaxing music or watch a boring episode of something lol

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  • Congratulations! I love that feeling!

    For me, watching TV before bed (or as I fall asleep) works the best. It takes my mind off of it and relaxes me. The Golden Girls seems to be the one that never fails to relax me enough to fall asleep!

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