Tied up boyfriend

It finally happened! I have been trying for months to get my girlfriend to dominate me in bed. Usually I tie her up and fuck her but tonight was different, we just got back from a bar downtown and when we got home she asked me if I wanted to be her bitch for a night. My answer (influenced by shot after shot of tequila was yes.) she ordered me to strip and I did before she could finish saying it. She pushed me down on a chair and handcuffed my hands behind my back. She then proceeded and shoved a red rubber ball gag in my mouth and stood back to look at me. She said "you look good like this you little slut" she gave me a strip tease / lap dance while taunting me saying how she might never let me go. She grabbed my cock and began stroking it saying things like "don't cum you dirty whore or I'll make you eat it" se was never very good at handjobs but once she got my pulsing cock in her mouth it was over... I began to struggle and moan "what are you moaning at, do you want me to let you cum? ... No" I was shaking all I wanted to do was cum she ordered me to express her dominance over me. She removed the gag and I said I was her bitch she then un cuffed me and moved me to the bed where she tied me up once more and sat on my face. She said lick it ! I did as I was told an eventually made her orgasm she immediately swallowed my cock in her pussy and began fucking me I couldn't hold it any longer I squirted like a fire hose into her and just as I thought I was free she said I didn't say you could cum yet and made me eat my own jizz . I have never experienced anything like this but I loved it so much and I hope to do it again. Is this normal ?

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  • Yeah, it's normal, or commonplace enough atleast. I'd say enjoy yourself, and if she does things to surprise you quite often you may want to think about doing a little anal practice. Ya know..just incase she decides you need to get fucked.

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  • Now open your eyes, throw away the tissues, clean yourself up, hide the bottle of baby oil, and hit the fridge.

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  • Yes, it's Penthouse Forum normal :P

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