Thoughts on life and consciousness

This video is about the quantum mechanics of the brain. I'm interested in anyone's response. I won't do it justice by going into detail, so please give it a view.

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  • I don't have 49 minutes to watch, but I've always loved that stuff.
    Consciousness, the pineal gland all that stuff xD

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    • It doesn't really go into the pineal gland but I have seen other videos about it.

      The first half is more or less an intro on how the brain works, neurons and synapses, neurotoplasticity, and social normative behavior, et cetera.

      The second half goes further in depth with quantum physics in the brain. This half inspired a lot of thought, which has led me to interesting philosophies on life.

      If you or anyone else has the time it's worth the watch. I'd also like to discuss it with it anyone who's seen it.

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