Those spinkiss bots are so annoying

They are so annoying that we can't get rid of them.

Interestingly if you go on that website its an expired domain, likely meaning that the domain no longer exists and did exist at some point.

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  • Boojum said it's an incompetent scam attempt, but what bothers me more than that, or the atrocious spelling is the name.

    SpinKiss?! Really?! Why are there capital letters in it, it's a website, also what does spinning have to do with dating, or kissing. Is it a dating site for ball bearings, or what?!
    I'd understand if it was swingkiss, cause swinging, but it isn't that.
    It's stupidity unlike any other.

    If I had to come up with a name for a dating site, I'd call it something like:
    yourhotspot, or burningdesires dot com.

    Those are 2 much better names I came up with in like 5 seconds.

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  • theyd have better luck here if it was

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  • Curiosity got the better of me a few days ago and I checked the site. I immediately recognised a common credit card harvesting scam layout and closed the tab.

    It's amusing that the domain has now expired. So not only scamming, spamming scumbags, but utterly incompetent as well.

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  • I'm surprised that they bother. There's fuck all users on this site, it hardly seems worth it. Even if every user on this site fell for their scam it's still not going to be worth much money to them.

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  • I saw that spam on one of my posts. I immediately deleted it. I suggest you do the same on your posts.

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  • I've noticed these as well, and have been reporting them as spam whenever I see them. I don't know what exactly they're trying to accomplish since more than anything, people get annoyed by the constant repetitive comments about it and are likely to not be interested at all in the site. If the domain is no longer active, what is the point anyway?

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  • I have not seen one yet.
    If a website is suggested on a forum, I ignore it unless it is a regular member recommending it AND it is relevant to the conversation.

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  • I reported several; and then reported one and asked the moderators to just block the word "spinkiss" as it was obvious that someone was just changing user names to keep posting it.

    Most forum software allows you to block specific words.

    Lets hope they took me up on that...

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  • As an avid user of AdBlock Plus, I have no idea what SpinKiss even is.

    Looking at this thread it seems that's a good thing.

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    • I got 3 ad blockers, so I have zero ads, but this ain't a popup, or an ad... it's a spammer, posting garbage comments about some lame scam site.

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  • I’m surprised that bots even managed to make their way onto this site.

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  • adblockers anyone?

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