This site sucks

Anytime I make a post on this site the majority of users derail and talk about how it cant happen or make some joke about it. I see why the owner abandoned this site. This shits like 4chan. You cant have a serious discussion.

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  • Hahahaha….yes it does.

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  • Like with any site, it's best to take any feedback with a grain of salt, and you're also likely to get troll responses, jokes, etc. on many as well. I just take the good responses and leave the rest.

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  • I see serious comments on this site all the time, and I get serious comments on all of the threads I've made. The only threads that don't get any serious comments are the ones that aren't serious to begin with.

    For example (and these aren't real threads... as far as I know):
    - Troll threads like "I ate 15 turds, am I going to die?!"
    - Political fringe threads like "Do you support feeding the elderly to the wealthy?" followed by a very long post about guns, books, and popcorn with no formatting whatsoever.
    - Joke threads like "Let's all get naked for a day!" ...and that's the whole post.
    - Overly-specific personal problem threads like "I got a hangnail on my pinkie toe while playing Roblox. Is that a sign of demonic possession?"
    - Seemingly-normal topics, but ones that don't invite any discussion, like "IIN that I'm *super weird, wild, and crazy*?" followed by a description of the only slightly off-kilter things the dude does on a regular basis, like eating eggs with tomato sauce instead of ketchup.

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  • Are there no moderators at all here?

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  • Yeah. It sucks. I like to comment stupid shit most of the time here because I really can't take this site seriously.

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  • What happened? Elaborate.

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    • I believe this is the same person who asked about selecting a King for the USA - as if that's a serious issue or question. I apologize if I am wrong about that assumption on my part.

      To get a serious discussion on this site the posters need to post a serious question about a realistic possibility, or post about a real issue they are having.

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