This makes me so angry... and so sad 7-7

Throughout this month I tried to get together with "friends" to do things, like going to the river, or going to eat something or go shopping at the supermarket since the parties are coming. But they always have an excuse. A reason to not come with me, they have "other plans" all the sudden, or a family meeting that I did't know about until a day before our meeting. This makes me sad... and angry but mostly sad. I just want to have fun, is this normal?
Is this a hint that they don't want to see me?
I ask myself many questions about it but I have no answers.

I know I sound dumb and insecure, but that's because maybe I am. I'm sorry

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  • Well not sure how long this has been going on but just ask them. Wouldn't hurt to try and if they are ignoring you then just try to find some better friends.

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