This is a question to people within the autism spectrum

Okay so, lately i have been searching up information about autism, because someone brought up to me that i apparently present some behaviours or aspects autistic people usually have too.

This is not me trying to autodiagnose myself i know this has to be done by a professional. I am just trying to understand something.

Basically, some of the traits that i have are:
Not understanding social clues or just not knowing how should i act in certain situations bc i just don't understand the socially acceptable way of doing things. It just doesn't make sense to me. I also tend to mimic those around me, i copy their words and the way they act in a way of trying to fit with them i guess? I do that subsconciously. Can't make eye contact for shit. I repeat some sounds i hear or things that i find funny, but i do it without thinking or just as a reflex. I also used to talk basically only using Hannah Montana quotes when i was like 5-8 years old. When i like something, i like it so much that i learn everything about it, every little detail or fun fact about it and i could talk about my interest for hours and i wouldn't get tired at all bc i just love it that much.
I also take a copious amount of time to start a task even if i know i have to do it and i really want to but i just can't get my body to do it.
When i was younger (idk if this counts as sensorial issues or if i am just tripping at this point) i HATED SOCKS AND SHOES. Like if i could i would be barefoot all the time, doesn't matter the weather. When my mom tried to put socks on me i would cry and just complain about how i could feel the clothe strings between my toes and i would throw the biggest fit because it was just so uncomfortable it made want to peal my skin off. I would also cry if a single hair fell in my mouth bc it made me want to throw up.

(Now i don't complain at socks or shoes anymore bc they obligated me to wear them and i slowly grew used to it i guess and they don't bother me that much anymore. I don't know.)

The thing is, even tho i present some of the typical traits people with autism have, i don't think i have a problem with food at all.

Since always, i have never felt overwhelmed/felt complete discomfort with food. I would eat pretty much anything really, and i would like it and not complain! (Except boiled spinach, the texture makes me wanna throw up lol).

So, my question would be:

Can you be autistic if u don't have trouble with food?

If i said something wrong pls tell me and i will edit this. I don't wanna offend anybody i am just really curious if it's possible.

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  • you and I seem pretty much really similar. I was diagnosed with autism at age 7 and I don't have a problem with food. Although I am vegetarian and I also don't like cheese but I don't mind cheese if it's like on a pizza or something and not cheddar. But other than that I will eat anything. I also have a compulsion to finish every little bit of food on the plate. And no I am not fat. I basically survive on just eating one meal a day. And occasionally snacks. I seem to have a really small appetite these days.

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  • I'm somebody who is in the spectrum, I've done some things similar to what you've described.

    Sidenote: Your question does not sound offensive, it sounds like a very good question.

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  • I have seen the autistic spectrum presented as a circular graph which I think better represents how people can experience a lot of certain symptoms and very little of others.

    This article contains a picture of it:

    I don’t have autism myself but have known quite a few autistic people over the years and have done a fair amount of my own research to try to understand them better.

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  • As someone with several autistic traits yet is 100% verified to not have autism I can say this:

    It's a spectrum, make a spectrum broad enough, everyone qualifies.

    You can have autistic traits but it can be completely standalone traits. Such as alexithemia which I have (got tested for it) it's nothing more than a personality trait that 10% of people have. I have very little idea of what emotion I am feeling and that leads to inappropriate reaction to other peoples emotions because I lack awareness of my own emotional state, thus can't quantify an appropriate response.

    You are quirky but its within the realm of being normal.

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  • I think you might have autistic tendencies. Its a disorder which means its a label that defines a load of symptoms and it gives guidelines to psychiatrists on how to treat you. There is no blood test for autism. Maybe you can benefit from treatment for autism but dont let it effect you negatively whether or not you get labeled autistic by a doctor. Theres also alot of other "disorders" that have symptoms that coincide with autism. And different doctors could give you different diagnosis because theyre disorders not diseases.

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