This guy said the "small of my back" and my "sexy walk" attracted him

I didn't even know those were a thing. Arent guys normally attracted to boobs, ass, and a pretty face? Is he creepy or am I just ignorant? Is it normal for guys to be attracted to things like this?

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  • Sometimes a guy may say something about a unique part of you that attracted him to you in partial truth in attempts to not sound like the 2 dimensional sex hungry creature they are. i mean what are they to do go up to you and say wow i just love the way your ass looks lol. maybe that'd be okay with some babes , but girls generally would much rather hear wow your eyes are stunning or something less explicitly sexual, which a guy could legitimately feel that way about your eyes or whatever but theres no doubt there are other parts of you beside your eyes he's interested in. that being said "small of your back" is weird one i don't really get, " sexy walk though sounds totally normal, he's just trying to flirt with you and not be an asshole by saying wow nice boobs and ass or whatever

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  • I know what he means by sexy walk. Some girls just put off this feminine vibe that makes our dick twitch. Its a certain way some girls carry themselves.

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  • Shit we say when we are horny.... There is no limit

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  • Hate to break it to you mate, but most likely plenty if guys like your ass and tits so he wants to make you feel more special by mentioning tho he that guys don't look at on every girl.

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