Thinking that being (white/black) is a privilege or not in america?

Like with all the history in our nation I feel proud of who I am. Everyone should of course, but it's a different experience. Can I really be racist or prejudice?

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  • So you're half white half black? If you don't fear, hate,oppress, or think you're superior to another race, then you're not racist. Being a certain race has nothing to do with it. Here where I live I've seen a lot of my fellow Hispanics spew racist things about Blacks, Whites, and Indians. They try to justify it by saying "minorities can't be racist" but that's just nonsense. XD

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  • Ugh... I don't really understand the question.

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  • Of course you could be racist and everyone is predjudiced unless they lack complete common sense.

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  • White people are not suppose to be proud of who they are.
    The cynical explanation is simple. It is the same reason employees talk shit about the boss but the boss needs to be careful what he says about employees.

    You notice for years how there was a ton of white bashing, shaming, etc. Then Trump got in office and stopped it dead in it's tracks.

    NOW where are the social justice warriors? Cowering like the little sniveling bitches they always were.

    Everyone said, "Shame whitey!" Trump said, "Not on MY watch!" The whitey shamers crawled back to their holes.

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    • I still shit talk white people even with that baboon's ass in office.

      Of course I shit talk everyone else too, but that's beside the point.

      All Trump did was add fuel to all the white trash stereotypes.

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  • be proud of who you are, but not because you are white/black unless that helps you fit in.

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  • To me, there is one and only one race out there. It's the human race, composed of many colors. It's not your skin color that defines you, the way you act and your attitude do way more to define you then skin color does.

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  • I'm liking these answers. You guys have me thinking and that's why I enjoy forums like this.

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