Thinking of kids

I find myself always thinking about how something new will affect children. I think people overlook just how important children are. And specifically their upbringing. It seems like people dont think much about how something is gonna affect their ability to be productive members of society and to run this world one day. Children are the number one most important asset of any country.

You need to raise a young population that is going to be competitive, strong, moral, and willing to do things that are hard but need to be done. Kids are so impressionable and they can easily be molded into what you want them to be so they will be successful. I find that asians really have this figured out and thats why asians do so well in competitive environments. Raising kids should be done very strategically because everything you put in their head gets absorbed and it dictates their whole life direction.

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  • They'll manage. If they dont they wont survive. It's a big ol circle

    Hard work generation, lazy generation, crap generation, back to hard work.

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  • No they really don't. All people ever think about is how important children are. They only think about kids and don't care about people like me, it's honestly kind of creepy how you guys are all obsessed with kids.

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