Thinking about my cousin

So when i was younger i used to have a crush on my cousin, and as i got older i started masturbating to pictures of her. i am now in my mid 20's and i still masturbate while thinking about her and looking at pictures of her.

i like to save ones where she is showing cleavage.

is this a normal fantasy to have, and does anyone have any cousin stories to share

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  • yea its def. normal but don't put it into reality and actually try to woo her. I would suggest getting a girlfriend (not a girl in the family).

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  • Understandable, and so I therefore voted "Normal". However, sex with relatives can cause huge complications.

    Does she show any sexual interest in you? Your long-term fascination with her probably makes it difficult for you to consider this question objectively; you need to be very aware that you might be reading things into her words and behaviour that aren't really there. Alternatively, the family relationship might be making her suppress her interest in you.

    If you do think there might be at least a glimmer of interest on her part, then maybe you could look out for a private moment when you could cautiously raise the issue of your youthful crush on her. A lot depends on what sort of woman she is and what sort of family you belong to. If you're all Southern Baptists who view any mention of sex as being almost as sinful as taking the Lord's name in vain, then you have problems. If she's the type who you know is likely to tease you mercilessly and tell everyone in the family, then you also have problems. If, however, you and she are a bit more open-minded and she's a kind person, then consider bringing it up in a jokey way: "You know, this is really embarrassing, but when I was 14, I thought you were the most gorgeous girl in the world. I was a bit obsessed with you."

    The response to that might allow you to at least know whether you'll always just be another cousin to her, or if the idea of a sexual relationship with you is one she finds at least a little intriguing.

    The risk, of course, is that she'll just laugh it off. That would be painful. But at least you'll have some idea if there's any prospect of your fantasy becoming real.

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  • I've have friends who've made out with their far cousins and it's completely normal. But acting on it wouldn't be the most sensible thing to do for many reasons.
    Get a girlfriend like arkbot said.

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  • Perfectly normal. Also, I'd suggest anal sex only. No need for a baby who's also a cousin.

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  • I had sex with a first cousin when I was a teenager and we're friends today as if it never happened. Neither one of us is bothered by it because it was fun at the time, but we both know an actual relationship is out of the question so we've moved on from that.

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  • Perfectly normal to fantasize about attractive cousins.

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  • Fuck off you smelly fucking indian!!!!!

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  • based on her reaction on looking at you probably you should playfully tell her that ;)

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  • The best course of action in this situation is to walk into her room in boxers and tell her in as much detail as possible how you feel. Best if not invited to the house or allowed in because girls love spontaneous guys.

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  • Fuck off and die you disgusting pervert!!

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    • Tut, tut, tut...such obscene profoundaties! If you have nothing nice to say, rather say nothing at all!

      Now go and wash your mouth with some soap water!

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