Think your boss is a great guy... but want to slap his shit?

My boss is male and I'm female. Each of us have several friends of both genders and are happily married with no romantic interest in each other, but as soon as we had a few good conversations about literature/games/comics and others at work saw, Basics got gossipy and now he's afraid to have normal conversation with me. We have work to do but he's afraid to talk to me in a normal sense. I want to slap his shit because a few girls he outranks stomped all over him and showed him mad disrespect by shit talking him for talking to me. He's seen/lived through some shit and I just want him to stand up for himself because he doesn't deserve to be beaten into a corner by petty gossip. He deserves to nut up and tell them to focus on their damn jobs and not his personal life, having worked his ass off to get to where he is.

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  • Next time he drops a turd, you go slap that shit.

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  • Basics? Slap Shit? WTF are you talking about?

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  • Your thinking sounds normal.

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  • If a man is getting beaten up by a woman, he is a pussy for allowing it to happen in the first place and deserves what he gets. You should beat him up. By the sounds of things he’ll be too scared to retaliate.

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