There is no relief for my sunburn

Ok so I burned my face really bad at the beach and it blistered and the skin got real tight and cracked, specifically under my chin and above my lip. This makes moving my mouth not only difficult, but quite painful. There is no relief for it, everything stings or makes it worse.
I’m not wasting a trip to the doctor because it’s beginning to heal but I need some relief. What should I do that won’t dry and crack my skin more or hamlet it hurt worse ?

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  • Aloe

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  • There are plenty of products that can be used to help with sun burn. You can find them in most stores, they will usually have "after sun" in the name, and will usually be by the sunscreen. Also any kind of lotion or moisturizer with aloe in it should help as well.

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  • Aloe vera gel is the best thing for any burn, including sunburn.

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  • We used to put Noxema on sunburns back in the day.

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  • Use after-sun and in the future, sunscreen your whole body before going to the beach, it's common sense.

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