Therapist undermined my anxiety/depression?

I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, depression, ocd and several other issues. Yes I am diagnosed with all three as they impact my ability to lead a healthy life or even complete a simple task, everything is so overwhelming and stressful already.

But because of how the world is so messed up right now and how my city is on complete lock down I can't leave or go anywhere. Not that I ever did much as I have Chronic fatigue syndrome but I am so anxious, I haven't slept even a minute in almost four days. I am starting to hallucinate and I'm crying nonstop, my mind is actually lost and my OCD is so bad that I can't even leave a room without checking over things 200 times.

I'm literally gone right now and having nightmares over this crisis. I would have loved to just relax, chill, watch some movies but I am unable to even sleep so my brain is in outer space, unable to even enjoy or take that in

When I told my new therapist, she said there are people with serious problems in this world, what will you do if you're one of them? She then said I have to think of other people but I definitely do. I cried when I saw the line up of coffins in Italy, I get so worried for the homeless and people in poverty. So her statement not only confused me but made me want to jump off a bridge and didn't help at all.

Is it normal for her to undermine my issues? I can't help how I feel

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  • She's a crap therapist. She should be helping you sort out your feelings, not making you feel guilty for having them in the first place.

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  • You need to find a new therapist pronto!

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  • I think the therapist was unprofessional and you should not go back. It sound like you do have serious issues and she should be helping. That would have pissed me off and I would never go back. She should be reported to whatever board you would complain to about an incompetent health care professional.

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  • I think we are all feeling the effects of this corona crap.

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  • What you need to understand is if a therapist gets a patient with anxiety and says everything they want to hear like "you have a serious disorder" or "you could be like this for a long time" it more imprints in the patients mind that something is seriously wrong. It can amplify anxiety.

    A good therapist is trained to act normal and like nothing is wrong at all with anxiety. Its like this: If red smoke is blowing across the sky and people go into the smoke and say its all fine, then you are calm. If everyone says there is something bad in the red smoke, you will panic, you will even panic even if you have not seen anything bad for yourself.

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