The young men at my job are weak af

I'm a woman in my mid 30's who is obsessed with staying skinny.

Most of the younger men at my job can't do more than one pushup meanwhile I can do twenty. The one they manage to do looks like this weird thing where they sag their back and stick out their ass.

The men in my age group do them just fine. Is this a generational thing or am I missing something here?

Also, I know that 20 actually isn't a lot to some people so I probably shouldn't be thinking this shit about the dudes at my job but still. I feel a bit baffled by it.

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  • Male bodybuilders are way stronger than female bodybuilders.
    I have also met unfit women who gives a shit.

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  • Vote for me for king of the world and I will replace gradeschool PE with powerlifting for boys and dance class for the girls. The boys also get a little synthetic testosterone sprinkled on their food to combat the BPAs in the plastic

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  • what the fuck kinda workplace has people doin group pushups?

    are you in the army? a 1980s japanese car company? a planet fitness?

    nonea what you wrote makes sense

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  • I used to do weights for a while, and while I kept increasing the amount of weights I could do and my arms got noticeably bigger, I still couldn't do more than 10 or 15 pushups. I never liked them, they take a certain technique to do right, which I could never get.

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  • People my age (early 20s) can mostly be put into two groups: People who *love* sports and people who *hate* sports. People who do cardio for the sake of cardio are few and far between. This also means many people do not receive formal training when it comes to proper form. I don't think I ever learned how to do a "proper" push-up until after I graduated highschool.

    With that being said, I find it incredibly difficult to believe your claim of the limit being one push up. A friend of mine is obese and asthmatic, but even they are able to do 5 pushups. He is 23. Realistically, what job are you doing that requires you to watch your coworkers attempt a pushup?

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