The world doesn't make sense

I feel like everything doesn't make sense.. just living out our pointless lives on this floating rock in space trying to fool ourselves that we have a bigger purpose and that there is a loving force guiding us when that's most probably all bullshit.. i look at my hands, i look at the sky, i look at everything around me and i always think wtf is all of these?? its just fuckin mind boggling.. what do you guys think?

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  • Yep you're born, if you're lucky you live to 80 & then you die. After a few weeks of you dying you will be forgotten by everyone except your family.

    Welcome to the pointlesness of life.

    On a lighter note while we're still here there are many many pleasures to experience.
    Pizza, weed, takeshi's castle & petrichor are some of my favourites.

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  • Normal. We are all slaves to the government and the Illuminati.

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  • The best for life on planet earth, is humanity being eradicated. Humans are corrupted destroyed their purpose of existence hundreds of thousands of years ago, with the wrong perception of life and nature. Therefore your right, humanity now is just a waste of space that does nothing good apart from making matters even worse. It might sound depressing but unfortunatly its the truth, before u know it, if nothing acts this world will be a pile of ashes from mankind's hand.

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  • Just remember, the emperor protects

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  • Like that other person said yeah it's normal everything's weird and random and pointless but there's the simple pleasures in life ya know like all that happened so stuff can happen and things can exist so we just exist and try to be happy.

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  • There's much more to life than this. But don't fall for the religious dogma BS. Do some soul searching and try not to be so pessimistic and depressed. Life is actually pretty grand and deep.

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  • Life does not suppose to make since but believing in the Lord helps and he will show you the way. People see thing all different and that makes us great human beings, the problem is when we start not caring and looking at hate that things start to screw up. The world is a mystery enjoy it while we are still alive

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  • Allah says in the Quran, “Did you think that We created you without any purpose, and that you would not be brought back to Us? High and far removed is Allah, the True King, from what they attribute to Him. None has the right to be worshiped except Him.” [Soorah al-Mu’minoon (23):115-116]

    “Does man think he will be left aimlessly, not being given orders and prohibitions and commanded to worship Allah? Was the denier of Allah’s power to resurrect not merely a drop of semen emitted, then he was a clot of blood,then Allah shaped and fashioned him and made him a man.Then from his seed created male and female offspring. Is not Allah, Who does all of this, able to restore them to life after death?”[Soorahal-Qiyaamah (75):36-40]

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