The very few faiths to choose from

I know it's normal, but I don't know what I am, maybe I'm a Puritan, maybe I'm more of a Mariologist, maybe my religion has rules, maybe it doesn't, but trying it non-stop for 50 years would give me a taste of what it's like.
What I'm fighting for I don't know, maybe I'm fighting for a religion that allows a good life or to have some fun.
A bit of titilation, ha ha, whatever that may be. But I'm pointing in one direction, towards the direction of either theory or fundamentalism. I'm an Ishiki, a type of Muslim and I devote my life to this sect, am I to be a Puritan, a low churchman, or a Mariologist? I think it should be about Kierkegaard's philosophy. But that spark in me is dead, and I need to ignite it. If it's about the Chuang Tzu then so be it, I'm not even sure if I'll be defending antitheism, the reality is the wars caused by religion, so why should I believe what people hate? Religion is annoying, speeches by Christoper Hitchens are my ticket back to believing intellectual things, lest I don't worry what I eat, drink or wear or about tomorrow. That's what I need, I need to select a wine, drink tea, not cola or soft drinks, and eat healthy food and not so much chocolate, and dress modestly in the appropriate clothes, and think about my future. And you can get a lot of that as an antitheist, but if that's a position to take, I shall condemn the man who blasphemes and who sins because that's the devil's work.

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  • Learn about the Shinto religion.

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  • I think you've got this backwards. Religion doesn't make you good, it's just another choice that people make. Being charitable because your religion would look favorably upon you does not in fact make you charitable. Saying you're a puritan doesn't secretly mean you're more pure than others.

    These are all delusions of grandeur. Do you really find purpose in it if you're just going from one label to the next? How can it mean anything to you if you know you'll become just as infatuated with the next ideology that comes to mind? Instead of attaching yourself to a blueprint, you can work on the engineer you have in your head. Why do you want to be told how to live instead of understanding it yourself?

    You say all the time "I'm such and such now which means I'm for this and against that"; what if you took the time to understand these issues and formed your own opinion without being led by a bandwagon?

    Psychology is my probably my biggest doctrine, and like with anything else I could use it for good or bad. I'm definitely capable of using my knowledge to manipulate people, but because of morals that I developed myself I would feel cheapened by it. I understand and see a path that lets me use it in a way I can be proud of and that helps me. But you just regurgitate information and go from one identification to the next. Like a chess player who knows how to move all the pieces but has no sense of deployment. It's like you're trying to hide who you are

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    • What I'm trying to do is make up my mind, I've been a Puritan for years, it was consistent at first, until my housemate didn't like puritanical rules, he's now more tolerant, what I want is to resist change without being annoying, I don't know who I am, but I only know I'm a Christian, discouragement is only my incentive to keep going.

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