The stench of alcohol and weed is the stench of failure

Everyone I knew who was heavily into that stuff ten years ago is either dead or whining about not having money for food and housing. They'd rather sit around and do drugs. They do nothing to improve their lives and cry about how the world is unfair and how things should be free.

It also doesn't help that when a newbie comes in smelling of that stuff at work it's pretty much guaranteed that they're only going to work for a month and then screw everyone over by quitting the company.

Then there's the people in shops and eateries. The loudest Karens who harass others usually reek of one or the other.

I thought alcohol and weed were supposed to calm a person down and improve them. If being a lazy, entitled, Karen who gives into their mental issues is at the end of that path then I refuse to take part in any of it.

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  • Everything in moderation. I don't have a bias against the stuff, mostly because I'm a loner and don't know that many people, but I do know this:

    If you can actually smell it, you better be at their house doing it with them, because otherwise there's a problem.

    Most of the people I knew who drank or smoked ended up taking a lot of showers and opening a lot of windows because the people around them wouldn't put up with it otherwise (those people being my mother, the police around my dorm in college, and my boss). Literally, the only way I knew they were drinking is because I would see the beer bottle in the trash. I couldn't smell a thing.

    Going into work or to the store smelling like alcohol tells me you were drinking directly before leaving the house and probably even while driving, and you didn't give a shit about it. There's a lot to unpack there, but in short, yeah, it's the stench of failure. It doesn't matter exactly how much you're drinking at that point, just get the fuck out and go home.

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  • I understand what you mean.

    I have a friend who is now an alcoholic but she has a stable job. I cannot see her as anything but a failure. She would often be absent because she has drank too much and cannot wake up. I honestly do not know where her life is going.

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