The steam deck handheld computer

If you have any interest in gaming, are you planning to get a Steam Deck when they become available for purchase or will you pass on it?

Regardless of your answer: Do you already own a Nintendo Switch? I'm interested in seeing how many people who already have a Switch are interested in the Steam Deck.

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  • I'm interested, but I will keep an eye on user feedback first. This thing has the potential to be an amazing machine, but it could also be a disaster. The fact that I already have 70+ unfinished games in my Steam library is a hard plus. It means I wouldn't have to spend any extra money on software.

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  • have gamin laptop

    no need

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  • I'm getting one. It looks awesome.

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  • I've got a Switch and have zero interest in Steams console. Didn't they fail at making a console once already? What was it called, the Steam Machine?

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  • I'll most likely pass on it.

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