The sims 3 seems to be running more smoothly than the sims 4?

I have just started playing the sims 3 again on pc after so long, and i have noticed that it seems to be running so much more smoothly than it does with the sims 4. The sims 4 lags a lot when I play it so when I go into build mode, it's very time consuming when it freezes up at random times. I remember the last time i played the sims 3 was when I bought a Ps3 for my sister back somewhere in 2012 and i remember the graphics being so different back then.

Like, How i see the sims 3 now on pc doesn't look as great as it did when i played it on the ps3??? i don't know if that was just me or am i dealing with some kind of Mandela affect.

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  • Well yeah. Obviously a newer, more complex game in terms of graphics and content will not run as smoothly as an older game because it's more demanding.
    I've never played Sims 3, but i've played all the other ones.
    My favourite is Sims 2.

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  • Older games always run more smoothly on more powerful machines.
    And newer EA games tend to be a bit crap and lag even on very powerful computers... It's not a hardware issue, it's an EA issue...

    With that said, I like the sims 3 better. I've tried sims 4, but sims 3 looked more real and less cartoony. I used it as a house design simulator, often not even making sims.

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  • I think a lot of triple A game developers have got lazy and stopped caring about putting out quality games. They know they can get away with shitting out low effort cash grabs and still make a substantial profit. EA is among the worst when it comes to this kind of thing especially.

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