The reason we have different values

Have you noticed some people (including me) value living like a barbarian with religion? Some value cults, idol worship and tribal religion and primitive religion, and some, like me, value institutionalised religion, money, codes of honour, morals, and kings, at the ready to attack me some people value war, others value survival, procreation, meat and empiricism, some value the environment, love, drugs, equality, the community and the world, some value being spiritual not religious, some value materialism, science, mathematics, gourmet food, luxury, and secularism or atheism or antitheism or agnosticism, while some value mysticism, aliens, ghosts and the occult.
Those value systems are the purple, blue, red, beige, green, yellow, orange, and turquoise value systems in spiral dynamics.
It's obvious an orange person will disagree with a blue person saying no no no, we need to focus on science and materialism instead of religion, blue insists no we need to be religious, believe in God and repent our sins.

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