The new world of covid-19. what do you miss?

Society can change fast. And, people can adapt fast. Just six weeks ago, we were shopping, working out in gyms, buying cheap plane tickets on the Internet, dating, and basically popping off with our own escapades.

Now we are locked down, buying groceries with face masks, and maybe going outside to go running if the weather is nice. A survival mindset has descended upon all of us. We are being vigilant. Soon we will miss the old days of easy sociability, freedom of movement, and prosperity.

What do you think you will miss the most. The choices below are only to get you thinking. Creative answers will be appreciated the most.

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  • sittin at the bar makin jokes and casual talk drinkin beer & booze and scarfin down a big ole cheeseburger

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    • with, with, bacon?
      Come on now don't leave us hanging, tell us MORE about the cheeseburger!

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      • of course bacon what kinda weirdo do you think i am?

        medium rare with bacon swiss and sauteed onion

        onion rings on the side not fries

        ketchup on the burger mustard on the rings

        i always remove and eat the slicea tomato before the burger cause it makes a squishy mess if left in but i eats it cause its the only healthy option im havin all night

        warshed down with smithwicks ale cause they got it on tap there

        titos dirty martini with a shota tabasco for dessert

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  • Everything! I miss going out to the pub with friends, I miss eating out with my girlfriend, cheap flights, visiting some new place on a weekend, vacations, road trips. I can't even go for a leisurely Sunday drive in any of my cars, cause driving about without a reason is forbidden and punishable by law! And police are very strict and invested to make sure of it. It's a carguy's nightmare - your car no longer signifies freedom, it's just a financial burden, little more than garage furniture... Hell, I miss the physical contact, like shaking hands with a good friend, getting a hug...

    Is this what our new lives are gonna be like?! Work, groceries, home, work, groceries, home... checkpoints in every city, every country turned into a police state.
    Hiding behind our masks, 2 meters away from each other at all times, giving people a cold stare of death in our fears not to catch this stupid virus.

    Not to mention the broken economy... Dealership is still closed, can't open my business yet, so I have to drive buses full time to try and be less in the negatives at the end of the month.

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    • You're a good writer, man.

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  • I miss HUGS and I miss SEX! Also my usual attendance at community events.

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  • I just miss wandering around. I miss last minute trips to Brighton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Manchester with no real plan. I miss walking around central London seeing all the crazy there is to see.

    All I can do is wander the same old park by myself at the moment, I’m grateful it’s a reasonable size at least.

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  • So no-one told you life was gonna be this way (clap clap clap clap)
    Your job's remote, you're broke, you're hiding from the plague
    It's like you're always stuck in quarantine
    And you might be there for days, for weeks, for months, or years it seems
    That's Covid-19 (you've never heard of it before)
    That's Covid-19 (it'll make your lungs really sore)
    That's Covid-19 (and you'll be so fucking bored)
    Doo, doo doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo

    (Sung to the Friends theme tune)

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    • oh the doctor draws circles
      6 feet round my head
      id ask him what the matter was
      but i might git close enough to be dead
      and the ladies treat me kindly
      they furnish me with paper masks
      but i know that deep inside my heart
      im sittin home with no payin tasks
      oh mama can this really be the end
      to be stuck inside of mobile with the
      wuhan flu again

      -bob dylan probably

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      • Terri Angel take note.
        This has literary value.

        Bob Dylan received the
        Nobel prize in Literature.
        Get out your guitar and sing
        it to yer dawg.

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    • Are you a musician?

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  • Pfff, fuck bars and restaurants and shopping. I miss the exchange of baked goods from friends and family for the beer I keep in the fridge for that exact purpose. It's been far too long.

    Fuck you, coronavirus. Fuck. You.

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  • All those things are still open/happening here, I went out & had 2 steaks yesterday.

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  • Haircuts

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  • Bars, and men ... Equally.

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  • I miss working where I can drink all the delicious Belgium beer my heart desires, the money, and random friends I’d make.

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  • Freedom of mobility

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  • My neighbor agrees that the Chinese people are nice. But he says if covid kills his dawg, he's going to Beijing to take out the entire Central Committee, cuz thems are commie sons of bitches. I told him just shoot your rifle at newspaper pictures of the guys. Actually, he would do better to drop SARS-COV-2 germ bomb in the intake vent on the roof.

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    • Napalm wet markets

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      • Actually 'patient zero' worked at the P4 bio-research lab near Wuhan. Not the wet markets. Chinese propaganda is covering this up. More background in this article.

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  • Fucking therapy

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  • My business is suffering.
    But I'll be fine.
    I don't miss a damn thing.
    This was brought on by greed.
    I enjoy watching greed fail.
    That said.
    This ends when dump is out.
    If dump wins in 2020.
    Prepare to become a 3rd world country.
    As for me, I'll just move.

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    • This is a odd view. It sort of implies that politicians are the puppetmasters, simply because they say they are. Why not just tell all of us which Chinese puppetmaster engineered the viral assisted economic attack on the U.S.? After all, healthcare being America's greatest weakness is the best target to hit. Mirthful supposition being an aide to dialog, that is.

      TerriTheAngel, your perspectives are among the strangest of all. Please stay away from children.

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      • Who are you to judge?
        I'm no angel.
        That just my name.
        Or was.
        Puppet my sock, ok.
        God alone controls things.
        Unless you are an athiest, you realize this.
        The greed and coruption that elected dump brought this on.
        BTW, kids love me.
        Because I treat them like people.

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        • So greed and corruption brought on covid-19?
          How judgmental of you.
          And by the way, nobody is to judge.
          Not God, not me, and not Trump.
          And certainly not a dirty biotech lab
          In China doing high risk corona research.
          Learn who the puppet masters really are.
          Learn that politicians are the actual
          Puppets that get told to stay out of the way.
          Learn how to interpret business news.
          Learn how to bake your own hardtack from flour.
          Learn that survival is a state of mind.
          Be happy. Only the resourceful, the imaginative,
          Only the most fit will survive.
          Play the game of self reliance.
          It's the system that does not offend
          the Grand Cosmic Consciousness.
          Suck it up.
          May the force be with you.

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  • Idk the future but it seems like to me theres a good chance everything will go back to normal

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  • Watching sports

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  • I miss going into Wal-Mart at night to avoid people

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  • I miss working in an office 9-5 and having a beginning and end to the work week.

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  • Missed out on over a month of in-person classes. I hope regular classes can resume in the fall

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  • I tell you, for weeks now all I’ve wanted is to sit out in a beer garden at a pub on a Sunday, in the sun, and order some food and a pint. I’ve fantasised over it no end

    And I didn’t really even ever do that before covid

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  • Hanging out with friends.

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  • Oh, I can say, without a doubt, I miss shopping.
    Of course all the thrift stores are closed, that was my life.

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  • You make it sound way more intense than it is. Only like half the pop here wears a face mask. In my personal opinion its. Cause e know its 2 late. Exposure is already highly likely and wearing a mask this late in season does very little. Plus the only things this has stopped me from doing is buying my normal amount of clenix. going to the range, annual trim and finding a second job. I have been nocked down to 120 of 160 hours at work though

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    • What country are you in? If the USA, how many people are wearing masks has nothing to do with the fact that you have the highest rate of deaths in the entire world from this virus, at least partly (or mostly?) because not enough people are being tested and then quarantined if positive and heaps of people can't afford the tests.

      Here in Australia the infection and death rates are very low because for once governments have done the right thing and brought in isolation measures.

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      • In the u.s yes. But it doesn't help that it's mainly affecting those with preexisting conditions and in America we have a fuck ton of that. Not to mention if someone who was already on deaths door dies but caught covid it's still a covid death. The numbers are not accurate. Plus our media lies. Alot.

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      • It is true that the United States is the most hated nation on earth. That will soon change. China will become most hated because of their viral assisted economic warfare launched from the P4 lab near Wuhan, which is still bio-engineering pathogens. They are also trying to undermine freedom of speech in Australia and all of the Australasia region.

        Secondly, the U.S. has the most deaths, but not the highest rate. Spain, Italy, UK, and France have more deaths per million than the U.S. Americans, except those in New York City, have kept the curve flat with social distancing and face masks.

        Thirdly, Americans are obese and a more invisible epidemic of type 2 diabetes is rampant there. Hopefully, covid19 will transfer these fat people to cemeteries to keep future expenses down for healthcare systems around the world. More resources will then be available for preventative medicine. You Aussies have your death boards, Americans use high prices to do the same thing.

        This link will give you the most accurate pandemic numbers that are available for all countries.

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        • Australia, and the U.S. are no match for superior Chinese thought. Australia, North America, and Western Europe will be easily defeated because China follows the wisdom of Sun Tsu in 'The Art of War'. Here are some of his quotes that future historians will use to describe Chinese dominance of the 21st century.

          "The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.

          "All warfare is based on deception.

          "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

          Do you get it people? America is not militarily weak, their healthcare system is their weakness. The CCP is hitting all weaknesses. They are far smarter than any political leadership in the first world.

          Tell your politicians to read Sun Tsu, 'The Art of War'. It's the new game for this century; indeed, for all foreign policy present and future. Don't be fucking stupid - this is serious.

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        • Death boards?

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          • In Australia, it's called the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), in Canada it's called the Death Panel and it's an excellent idea. If you want to keep grandma alive on life support for another week or two, it may be nice for grandma who is enjoying the drugs, but it is terrible that the taxpayers have to pay for it. So you make your appeal, the tribunal says no, and they pull the plug while you mourn being powerless against the government.

            The Canadian system is really quick, unsympathetic, and decisive. Click this link.

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  • Drink driving

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