The life of jesus

The bible only describes the life of Jesus Christ from birth to the age of 12 then there is a huge gap until the age of around 31 I think. I have heard many theories about what may have happened in between such as he may have travelled the world and learned about different religions and cultures. Some say the Hindu story of "Krishna" is actually a description of Christ visiting India and sharing knowledge with them.

What do you think about the situation? Do you believe he even existed or have any ideas/beliefs about it?

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  • Jesus only preached to Jews. The gospels record him as saying that he was sent to preach to the Jews.

    Jesus established a church in his twelve apostles (sent forth ones), and upon his death and his resurrection his the twelve, and 120 disciples, anointed with the Holy Spirit (according the early chapters in the Book of Acts) went out and established churches throughout the lands of the Roman Empire, and beyond.

    St. Thomas, one of the twelve, established the Christian churches in India.
    To this day there are Christian communities in India that trace their history back to St. Thomas.

    Jesus, Christianity, and the knowledge of it spread through the Christian Church.
    They taught through oral preaching and writings including letters and written teaching including liturgy, formalized prayers and oral accounts committed to writing.

    Eventually the body of writings we now know as the New Testament came out of this process.
    And it is out of the NT that we came top know the stuff you mentioned.

    This is the history of Jesus that we know.
    Jesus did not try to marry his Judaism and the Christian revelation to Hinduism

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  • The time gap has potential for fake news, if that's what you mean.

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  • He slept around using tinder and shit

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  • I do believe it's POSSIBLE that he existed and was a very enlighted man but probably didn't actually do anything supernatural. I don't know what he did though, it's very possible he travelled the world but he could just as well have done something entirely else. I'm not very interested myself in finding out.

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  • he was tourin with the grateful dead

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  • I recon who ever wrote the book in the first place intended to do the whole life, but it was so long they probably died half way through, then years later someone probably came across this half written novel and decided to add an ending and get it published. I bet they never thought millions of people would be so stupid as to actually think it was a true story. They must have made a fortune

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  • Well those times of Jesus were private and he only knew what he did. But ya, maybe so he did go on anywhere to see other place's situations. Nothing beats experience anyway.

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